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Brenn was educated at Portland State University and holds Bachelor's degrees in Social Sciences, a minor in Psychology, and Arts and Letters, with a minor in Communications. She holds certificates for Neurolinguistic Programming (Advanced Practitioner), International Coaching Institute of Austin (life Coach), Portland School of Hypnosis (Certified in Hypnosis). She is the author of "Sacred Grid Therapies, Crystal Healing Treatments.


With 19 years of study and application with clients, Brenn’s experience with the subconscious and unconscious mind and how to “program” its operations over our daily lives helps clients live life more freely. She believes that when we program our minds with what we want while deleting what we don’t want, we create a path to manifesting our goals. She volunteers for CareerVillage.org answering questions from prospective or current students regarding education and career choices. Visit their website to browse the tens of thousands of questions.

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