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Playful Senior Woman


You’ve spent 25 or 30 or more years doing “that job”.

Whether it was fulfilling or not, it’s behind you. Now what?


What to do with all of your time? Follow your heart and volunteer in a field you wished you had worked in? Find a part-time job doing what you love, instead of what paid the bills? Retirement is a big transition and anyone who tells you differently is not telling the whole truth. Your life completely changes. You aren’t ruled by the clock anymore, or show up for 40 hours per week.


You finally have TIME. And, 24 hours a day is a lot of time.







This is a period of major life transitions and is too important to take on alone. If you're not ready to give up work entirely, you will be happy to learn how to regain the emotional benefits of work, doing something new you love. If you are ready to live a life of leisure, then take the steps to create new ways of acting on what that looks like for you, so that you can meet your emotional and psychological needs with the funds and access you have without fear or stress. Open your mind with curiosity and explore what makes your heart sing, what you love to do now that you have time to do it, and what that looks like.


Seek what works for you, what makes your heart sing. Discover what allows you to blossom and use your natural gifts to create a new purpose and bring fulfillment into your days. Let’s find out what that looks like and how to create a retirement life that you truly enjoy.

Hypnotherapy for Senior Adult

What will give you a sense of meaning and purpose when you're no longer defined by your work title? How do you maintain a sense of direction when the structure of work is no longer your daily routine? Do you want to work “that job”? (You know, the one that got away because you spent 30 years at your old job?) What does your new normal look like? Are you ready to embrace new roles, such as volunteering, working part-time with a non-profit, mentoring at your local neighborhood schools? Have you considered recreating conditions that contributed to your happiness at work, at home?


Does any or all the above create an uneasy feeling for you?

Don’t know where to start? 


Benefits of Hypnosis include, but are not limited to:

  • Releasing any psychological stress around retirement

  • Creating confidence in your choices

  • Developing strategies for new goals that fit your current lifestyle

  • Creating a design for your time that works best for you

  • Stepping into your new choices successfully

Sessions are $75

Your paid $75 session will earn a free session for someone in need.

Email for your 30 minute FREE Consultation.

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