Suspension Fitness

I believe that suspension training is the kindest way to build strength, agility, and revive your core stability. It's been my go-to workout for over a decade. When I moved to Portland in 2010  I taught classes in a gym for a year, until I found the perfect space to start my own suspension only studio in NE Portland which I operated for 4 years before moving to Hood River, OR.  


What I love about suspension training is its versatility. Whether I was training NFL players, Portland Police Officers, those returning to fitness after an injury, or those 55 and up, it's simple to shift, steady to advance, easy to use, and well, often clients say it's addicting. My clients' ages ranged from 20 to 78 and they could easily be in the same class while getting the challenge level that worked for them. Often inspiration comes from those around you, who inspire you to get stronger. Individuals became groups, and groups became good friends in and outside the studio.


One of my goals has always been to focus solely on women in suspension training; all ages, all walks of life, and in all stages of fitness. That is what I am doing now. Women often wear many hats in their daily lives. Having the opportunity to care for themselves; feel supported, cared for, encouraged, and inspired, even if only for the 30 minute class is for some all the "me" time that may get. So, ladies, come on in, this training is just for you. Whether you choose a strength class or a suspension stretch (it's like having a stretch partner without the partner) class, I will be right there making sure that your posture and your spirit are aligned so that you achieve your best outcome. Unlike traditional fitness classes, you are not just someone who showed up to sweat it out.


The goal of CoachFit is to work the body while stimulating the mind, and lifting your spirit so that you leave better than you came.

Limit of 4 attendees per session to maintain a high level of personal attention.

$12 per session 

Three Options: Strength, Cardio, or Stretch and Conditioning


Want to offer your own wellness class? RENT the room!


-Room is 16x24

-Holds 24 comfortably in chairs or 15+/- for yoga

-Private entrance, kitchenette, and bathroom

-Tech ready for your presentations

-Tables and chairs available

-Send me an email to discuss your event.

Email for an appointment:

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