The goal of CoachFit is to work the body while stimulating the mind,

  and lifting your spirit so that you leave better than you came.  ~Brenn


Brenn believes that suspension training is the kindest way to build strength, agility,

and revive your core stability. It's been her go-to workout for over a decade. When she

moved to Portland in 2010 she taught classes in a gym for a year, until she found

the perfect space to open a suspension-only fitness and wellness studio in NE Portland

which she operated for 4 years before moving to Hood River, OR.  


Suspension training's biggest bonus is its versatility. Whether she is training NFL players, Portland

Police Officers, water sport athletes, those returning to fitness after an injury,

or those 65 and up preparing for surgery, she knows how to shift the exercises, advance them steadily,

and change it up daily for maximum benefit. Her clients often say, "TRX is addicting."


After 9 surgeries in 6 years, including brain surgery in 2018, she has experienced

the setbacks of recovery mentally, emotionally, and physically.


She knows what it's like to take on physical challenges and move through

the emotional roller-coaster that comes with it.

One of Brenn's goals has always been to focus solely on women in suspension training; all ages,

all walks of life, and in all stages of fitness, and that is what she is doing now.

Women often wear many hats in their daily lives. Having the opportunity to care for themselves;

feel supported, cared for, encouraged, and inspired, even if only for

the 30-minute class time is for some, all the "me" time they may get that day.

So, women of all ages, come on in, this training is just for you! 


Whether you choose a cardio challenge, strength class, or a suspension stretch 

(it's like having a stretch partner - without the partner) class, she will be right there

making sure that your posture and your spirit are aligned so that you achieve your best outcome.

Unlike traditional fitness classes, you are not just someone who showed up

to sweat it out, you are a being in the process of creating optimum health inside and out.

Limit 4 attendees per session to maintain a high level of personal attention.

$15 per session 

Three Options: Strength, Cardio, or Stretch Conditioning

KEEP WATCH as TRX classes are about to go live on ZOOM!


Starting in Septemer 2021 Brenn will be offering Wellness Weekends*


These weekends will be from 9 am Saturday morning to 5 pm Sunday evening.


~Nutrition and cooking activities

~Fitness training on TRX, stretching, and outdoor options weather permitting

~Mental training using meditation and self-hypnosis

~Emotional training using meditation and trigger-point anchoring

~Rejuvination using self-massage techniques, NRG detox, and Finnish sauna

~Quiet time to journal and write your new path and goals

~One on one coaching time to discuss any private matters at hand

Call or email with any questions, and book your "ME" time.


*Covid-19 restrictions for Oregon apply. As restrictions are lifted, dates will be posted.

Email for your FREE Consultation: