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   DNA-based Health and Fitness


Take the guesswork out of dieting, nutrition, fitness, and health by going to the source of it all:           YOUR DNA

DNA is the “instruction manual” for all living things. It’s separated into long, tightly wound pieces called chromosomes. People typically have 46 chromosomes, grouped into 23 pairs.


Genes are pieces of DNA within each chromosome that have the instructions for many of your traits, from eye color to unibrow. You have two copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent. Specific places in your DNA are called markers.

Your Genotype: It’s in the DNA

Scientists have found that some markers are associated with specific traits, like red hair. At a certain marker, your genotype (a combination of two letters, like AA) is what helps us determine whether you’re likely to have red hair or not.

Your genotype is what your genes say; your phenotype is what you have. Sometimes what you see in the mirror is different from your genotype-based trait result, because traits are often influenced by many genes. Other factors, like the environment, can also come into play.

Everyone inherits half their DNA from one parent and a half from the other. That’s why traits tend to run in families—you got half of your DNA from each of your parents, who got half of theirs from each of their parents, and so on. But the particular mix of DNA you inherit is unique to you. Once you know what genes you have inherited the process of programming the best fitness and nutrition path for you becomes a matter of following your DNA, and ignoring fad diets, pricey supplement shakes, and relentless battles with exercise regimens.

When you know the facts, it's simple to follow science and do what is best for your health by eating and exercising in ways that will suit your genetic makeup for greater outcomes. Whether or not you choose to listen to your own DNA, that's up to you, but why wouldn't you? 












Have you ever been told to eat Vegan, Keto, Atkins, or some other fad style?

 A couple of examples: If you don't have the genes to process proteins, a heavy meat diet can be a bad choice. Or, if you don't have the genes to flush fats certain diets will get you in more trouble than good.

Has someone told you that you have to do an hour of cardio 5 days a week or that you only need to do HIIT to lose weight? If you do not have the genes for fat loss from cardio--you are looking in the wrong place. And, if you don't have the genes that respond to High-Intensity Training, those types of workouts can make things harder on you. What was the basis for the suggestion? How do they know what's best for you without knowing what you're made of?








I have been in the industry for over 20 years and I have seen diet fads, expensive supplement/shake plans, and exercise equipment trends come and go. And, I've tried a lot of them myself, and for my clients. But now there is a GAMECHANGER, called YOUR DNA, that can be accessed without lengthy and intensive medical testing and spending thousands of dollars as in the past.

Take the guesswork out of your health in as little as 2 weeks. 

And, use hypnotherapy to fast-track creating good habits and drop old destructive ones.

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