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Overeating NO MORE

Being overweight can be harmful to our physical health, stressful on our mental health, causing stress-eating, anxiety about food or depression, and getting slimmer and healthier can seem impossible. Sadly, just being aware of these risks is not enough to make it easy to lose weight and create good eating habits; it often only adds to our frustration about being overweight.

Almost everyone who is overweight has tried a variety of diets and eating plans. Sometimes they work short-term, but then we find ourselves falling back into the same old behavioral patterns that caused our weight gain in the first place. Then we end up reaching to the back of our closets for those larger clothing sizes that we didn't throw away because deep down, we never really believed we could get the weight off and keep it off. I'm here to tell you that you can do it and I’ll help you through it.

Together we will reduce your cravings for unhealthy food and beverage items and create new cravings for the things that make you feel great, inside and out. With positive reinforcement, we can train your subconscious mind to do what's best for you and helps you to reach your health goals.

Smoke or Chew NO MORE

I feel it's safe to say that most people who use tobacco are fully aware that it is hazardous to their health and those around them. Merely knowing about the health risks associated with tobacco use does not make it easier to quit. Often, knowing the facts and the health dangers related to smoking or chewing, not to mention the financial costs that affect the user, only adds to the feelings of failure to not choose to quit.

Hypnosis doesn't "make" you quit tobacco; it only changes your relationship to it so that you lose the desire to smoke or chew.  However, suppose you are ready and motivated to quit. In that case, hypnosis can significantly increase the likelihood that you will become a non-smoker or non-chewer for the rest of your life by helping to keep you mentally and emotionally away from the tobacco desire. With motivation to quit and hypnosis, you will find that giving up tobacco is a relatively smooth process, and you'll start to notice that you naturally want to avoid it.

Tobacco use, whether smoking, chewing, or vaping can leave you feeling alone and unable to help you quit the unhealthy habit. I want you to know that you are not alone, and I am here to guide you through how to start living a tobacco-free life.

Alcohol NO MORE

Why do people drink excessively? There are a plethora of reasons from social scenes to learned behavior to anxiety or depression. Many over consume to avoid some emotion that they want to go away and no longer experience in the moment; loneliness, guilt, fear, shame, anger, void, helplessness, resentment, and so many other emotions. These feelings can confuse our conscious and subconscious minds causing a disconnect in the ability to stop drinking even when those emotions may not be present.

Take control over alcohol abuse by making healthy connections with your mind and your emotions so that the response to negative or unhealthy stimuli is not to drink and drown the pain. Make new habits that allow you to reduce the areas of stress and upset in your life and create the space for positive promising habits that lift you up.

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