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Physical Ability & Recovery

This hypnosis is for everyone, whether you are beginning a new exercise regimen or an athlete experiencing everyday aches and pains that often come along with strength and conditioning exercises, sports, etc. We will create a conversation with your subconscious mind that allows you to better deal with physical responses to exercise. It is always essential to ensure that these are ordinary muscular aches/pains and not any serious injury. We do not want to alter the body's natural response to and need for rest and repair. Consult with a doctor or sports trainer if necessary.

Motivate to Exercise

Do you have special activities that you enjoy but the pain and discomfort of regular exercise makes you feel limited, and you feel that you have to choose between the exercise OR the sport because you do not currently have the stamina or strength for both? And, even though not being strong enough, to take on the sport fully, results in a repeated injury or high levels of fatigue, you cannot seem to make a change for good. Let's work together to move you physically past what stops you from exercising in order to open a new mental pathway to be able to freely participate in the activities that you love.

Jogging with Music

Removing Fears of Reinjury

In the same regard that we have activities you love and want to be strong and capable of physically, we can also experience fears and phobias around those same activities when a painful or life-changing injury occurs.  Taking the time to look deep within your subconscious mind, recognize and release the fear or anxiety or even panic that can occur around a sport that resulted badly is a powerful step to taking back your control of what you want to do and how you want it to look. Our minds protect us from harm, even when that protection feels consciously like it's in our way. Let's reprogram that protection into ways of being that are more useful to you.

X-Ray Results

Sleep Soundly

Do you feel jealous of others who sleep well? Do you envy your furry companions who seem to fall asleep at any given moment? If you are longing to rest well and wake up feeling good and ready to take on the day's tasks, I can help. Often we have trouble slowing down at the end of the day or stopping the racing thoughts of the impending week or ever-changing to-do lists that we debate in our heads as we lie there awake. Do we get out of bed and check that it's on the list, or "hope" to remember in the morning. Nighttime sleep stress, or daytime for some, can be challenging. Together we can create the best path for you to rest. We will dissolve triggers that keep you from falling or staying asleep while creating a path to going to sleep. Simply listen to your custom recording nightly to drop into a restful slumber.

Sleeping Kitten
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