Coach Brenn

"I am at my best when helping others leave behind ideologies that aren't serving them

and begin to forge new paths that inspire them." ~Brenn

With 20 years of study, on a holistic and formal basis, and application with clients, Brenn's experience is that when we program our minds with what we want while deleting what we don't like, we create profound shifts in manifesting our goals.

Her passion is combining body and mind processes to create the most efficient and best outcome for you. One example of her work is using DNA-based Health programming combined with hypnosis to create optimal health and balance for the WHOLE of you simultaneously to avoid the pitfalls of imbalance. This, simply put, is Fitness and Nutrition training for the body and hypnosis for the mind to release old patterns and bad habits.

"Once you learn your genetic predisposition for fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing, you better understand the challenges you may already be experiencing. Knowing your genetic factors helps take the guesswork out of becoming a whole-health being." ~Brenn


Brenn attended Portland State University and has a Bachelor's degree

in Social Sciences, with a minor in Psychology, and Arts and Letters, with a minor in Communications. She is certified in Hypnosis (2014), a Certified Advanced Practitioner in NLP (2007), a Certified Life Coach (2007), a Certified Elite Fitness Trainer (2009), and a Certified Advanced Practioner in EFT (2007)    


She is the author of "Sacred Grid Therapies, Crystal Healing Treatments" and 

has two more books for the series in progress. She is an Ordained Minister and profoundly understands how religious & spiritual beliefs can affect one's life. She respects her clients' belief systems and helps them navigate her services in ways that work for them. Brenn supports the greater good and progress of all, assisting them:

body, mind, and spirit.




Sessions and Courses are virtual

from Oahu, Hawaii, USA


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