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Women in Transitions

Transition, what is it? One can be transitioning from the family home into a dorm on campus, from College graduation to seeking a career, from living in one area to taking a job transfer to another, from living alone to living with a roommate, a partner, or assisted living, from single to married, from married to separated, from separated to divorced, from having a partner to the death of a partner. Transitions are all around us and can happen as planned intentions for our greater good or as spur-of-the-moment life changes that can cause much grief. When we step into change we can step with calm and confidence, or that step may feel like we've stepped off the ladder too far above the ground, and the free-fall can be challenging and the landing painful, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 















For many transition can be what causes unconscious decisions made in our sub-conscious to aid and protect us from these transitions being painful in the future. These unconscious decisions can also set up internal fear around moving forward, how to move at all, and if movement occurs, will it set up more hurt and pain. This can result in feeling stuck, frozen, or unable to make choices that we want to make for fear of the unknown. At this point the "rabbit-hole" may feel so vast or so deep that even beginning to look for a way up and out is a daunting task to large to take on. when we reach these points in our lives we choose; to stay where we are or to jump into something new. Staying provides the knowing we long for, even though knowing that we are stuck is not very helpful in the long run. Jumping requires we have the ability to see what we are going through, make an initial push to move, one step at a time, and gradually move up and out of where we don't want to be and into a renewed outlook on where our life is going.


During these transitional times, when hormones are raging, fluctuating, or dying off, and life is unfolding all around us, "what's next" can be the last thing on our minds. Until suddenly, we find ourselves at the end of our emotional rope, hearing the same question over & over...


“What am I going to do next, and how do I get started?”


We don't always know. That’s ok. That’s a normal place to be. I feel whether 13 or 83, we go through ebbs and flows in life and we are presented with options time and again. How we look at those options and the choices we make can dramatically shift our lives. Change doesn’t have to be scary, frustrating, or daunting. There are steps and skills we can implement together to unveil your options and create a path for you and your family, and we'll do it together. 

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The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.

-Mother Teresa

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