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What do you believe?

Webster’s Dictionary tells us the meaning of the word believe is "to accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of." When is the last time you truly believed in your abilities, talents, and knowledge?

Let’s look at what you believe as a sphere of #possibilities, or options, revolving easily and rolling forward smoothly on your chosen path. The great unknown allows us the space to gather beliefs and create pathways to what we want in life and direct our sphere where we want it to go. Too often life circumstances start to chip away at that sphere, creating imbalance and making it difficult to roll smoothly. These chips may be family circumstances that cause struggles, feelings of inadequacy that chip away at our ability to believe in ourselves, life changes such as divorce, death, loss of a job, accident or injury can create chips that feel more like breaks in our sphere. All of these can cause great doubt, stress, sadness, and pain within our sphere, thus shaking up our belief in ourselves.

While we cannot avoid the bumps and chips along the way, we can be the caretaker of our dreams, and control how we repair the sphere to keep it rolling smoothly forward to what we want to be and create. Repairing your sphere is like the maintenance done on a car. It is vital that we have a process to repair “heal” the chips and dings so that we are able to maintain belief in ourselves and reaffirm our strengths and talents. Creating a process of recovery, repair, and realignment is a healthy way to move through whatever comes your way. These methods work for many:  meditate, exercise, long walks, reflection through journaling, phone a friend for unbiased counsel and #encouragement, or maybe even a long hot bath to wash away the chips and dings.

Rather than wait until your sphere is barely moving, I encourage you to create for yourself a healing process, a method in which you take care of your sphere and repair the chips as they come. A method that you will use to reaffirm your strengths and to balance your sphere so that is rolls smoothly into what you believe. This will grow your #courage, acceptance, confidence, and personal power so that each chip that follows is easier to repair and has less impact on what you believe. Stay true to yourself, above all else. In a world where you can be most anything, be YOU! #brennMsimonen



Coach Brenn

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