Meditation is becoming a household word and action in many ways these days.

Brenn has been teaching meditation classes for over 15 years. Attending a meditation

group session or private learning session with her will open your energy and allow

you to grow your ability to manifest what you want for yourself and your life.

Learn easy tools to help you learn the ways of quieting your thought and activating

your intentions. (Due to Covid-19 classes are virtual) 

Do you want to learn more on your own first? Get one of my meditation MP3 downloads

to help you walk through the process of meditating on your own. $5

~ Creating Your Inner Sanctuary, learning how to meditate 101

~ Clearing and Activating Your Chakras, clearing your physical energy centers

~ Energy and Rejuvenation, 15 minutes from tired to GO!

Create clearing and ease in your health and home with my book.

Sacred Grid Therapies, crystal healing treatments

After 40 years of being fascinated by rocks, and using stones to clear energy, bring forth energy, and lighten space, Brenn put her knowledge into printed word to share the blessing of grid healing with the world. Learn how the crystal grid energies can create healing in your life. Step by step guidelines for creating, setting up, using, understanding, and bringing forth the abundant energy of Sacred Grids. 

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