Meditation is becoming a household word and action in many ways these days.

Brenn has been teaching meditation classes for over 15 years. Attending a meditation

group session or private learning session with her will open your energy and allow

you to grow your ability to manifest what you want for yourself and your life.

Learn easy tools to help you learn the ways of quieting your thought and activating

your intentions. (Due to Covid-19 sessions are virtual) 

Do you want to learn more on your own first? Get one of my meditation MP3 downloads

to help you walk through the process of meditating on your own. $5

~ Creating Your Inner Sanctuary, learning how to meditate 101

~ Clearing and Activating Your Chakras, Clearing your physical energy centers

~ Energy and Rejuvenation, 15 minutes from tired to GO!

Personalized Meditations

3 easy steps! Complete my questionnaire. Book a 20-minute session either on the phone or Zoom where we will cover what you would like to gain from your meditation. I record a special script for you to listen to daily and email it to you. This service is $95.

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Sacred Grid Therapies, crystal healing treatments

After 40 years of being fascinated by rocks, and using stones to clear energy, bring forth energy, and lighten space, Brenn put her knowledge into printed word to share the blessing of grid healing with the world. Learn how the crystal grid energies can create healing in your life. Step by step guidelines for creating, setting up, using, understanding, and bringing forth the abundant energy of Sacred Grids. 

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Courses in Meditation, Manifestation, Chakra Healing, & Meaning-Making

Sacred Chakra Therapies, healing mind-body-spirit

Brenn has been guiding a 4 level-32 week Chakra clearing healing course for over a decade. She takes a different approach than most in that she guides with questions and with curiosity. Proving participants with a pathway rather than an opinion allows each woman to grow and shift at her own pace in a space that is safe and judgment-free. Her method of questioning the intention rather than the positioning of information has gained her many repeat clients as with life changes, so changes the mind and soul, and they return for her guidance again and again. Her gentle process allows for the exploration of truth and the creation and application of what truly makes one's heart sing. The course is as follows:

Level 1 - Chakra Clearing & Congruency

Level 2 - Releasing old habits & Creating new ones

Level 3 - Firming Foundation & Strengthening Self Concepts

Level 4 - Being a Manifestor of Universal Blessings

Each Level is 8 weeks with 2 weeks off between and includes email coaching along the way.

That means you get the course and a coach for 8 to 32 weeks!

Levels are $245 each or sign up for all four $980--but SAVE 10%, $882

The next virtual start date is April 20, 2021  5:30-7 pm PST

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Vision board, Dream board, Desire Map, you choose your title, they all mean getting clear on what you want, getting congruent on why you want it, and setting up how you will get, achieve, your wishes.

This 90-minute class will take you step by step through:

1. Choosing what images represent what you want to manifest

2. Revealing how an image you think you want might hurt you

3. The accidental boundaries that stop you

4. How to stay congruent through changes

5. Got a board already? Bring it. Let's review it together.

Includes 2 weeks of follow-up email coaching to review your final vision.


Classes are $145 (repeats $95) and held on Zoom

May 4, 2021  4-6 pm PST

May 24, 9-11 am PST

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Meaning Making Machine

Like the song says, "The words get in the way..." (Gloria Estefan)

Ever had that feeling that you are working hard and putting your energy into something, and try and try, and it just doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere? Well, I'm here to tell you that your mind is a meaning-making machine, and whether you realize it or not, you could be "meaning" yourself out of what you really want. This is an unconscious process. Trust me, if it were a conscious process, I wouldn't have taught this course for the past 15 years. The good news is that you have a Brenn in your world that can get you out of the meaning-making abyss and put you back on solid ground.


This 2- part course shows you:

1. How you unconsciously meaning-make with the words you use.

2. How meaning-making can destroy goals.

3. The accidental ways we sabotage ourselves.

4. How to stay congruent and shift your verbiage.

5. Fundamental practices you can use to speak your truth

consciously and concisely.

This $175 course is on Zoom.

April 24 and May 1, 2021   9 to 10:30 am PST

We meet twice. Once to introduce you to the concepts and again to go over your week of real-world application and hone your skills. Email coaching in between is included.

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