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What is Hypnosis?

Put simply a natural state of deeply relaxed focus. We enter such a state - often called a trance - at least twice a day: when we fall asleep and wake up. That fuzzy, timeless state between dreaming and awake is a trance state. When a nine-minute snooze button seems to give you enough time to have an an-hour-long dream, that's a trance state.

People often enter a natural state of trance: driving, watching T.V., a long-familiar walk, listening to music, or working on a favorite hobby or activity. Ever feel that "in the flow" state, where everything you were doing was effortless? You were probably in a light trance doing what you know and enjoy. These are all "altered states of consciousness," and all are levels of trance.

After their first session, some may say, "I wasn't hypnotized - I knew what was going on!" That makes sense because you were actively engaged. Hypnosis is a state of significantly heightened awareness and focuses while in a deep state of trance, which allows us to reach the subconscious mind.

How long has it been practiced?

Hypnosis is one of the world's oldest sciences. Incredibly, ancient hieroglyphics show that the Egyptians used hypnosis as early as 3,000 B.C. There is evidence that the Greeks and the Mayans used it as well. While hypnosis has had a place in society for thousands of years, it has also gained recognition as a legitimate modern medical practice called hypnotherapy. As early as 1892, the British Medical Association verified the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

How does it work?


Hypnosis is a quick and straightforward way to access the subconscious mind to get to the reasons behind a client's behavior and start helping. Traditional methods, such as talk therapy, spend much of their time merely trying to get past mental and emotional blockages, going down memory lane, so to speak, to understand the subconscious reasons for their patients' issues. Hypnosis doesn't need a memory lane; it just needs someone ready and motivated for the change they wish to see in their lives.


"Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry, and psychotherapy."  -British Psychological Society report, 2001.

Below are some of the most sought-after uses for hypnosis in more detail, but there are no limits. These are others: 

~Smoking NO more

~Alcohol abuse NO more


~Test Anxiety

~Fears and Phobias

~Chronic Pain



Hypnosis sessions are $149 and packages are available for more in-depth addiction processes that require follow-ups monthly. 

Life Coaching sessions are $85.



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