High school is for learning the basics of education and preparing to move into either further education in college, technical career training, or a job of your choosing. With so many options available, how do you choose? With guidance, from me.


During this transitional time, when hormones are raging, friends are changing, and life is unfolding all around you, "what's next" can be the last thing on your mind. Until suddenly, you find yourself at the end of your senior year hearing the same question over & over...


“What are you going to do when you graduate?”


You don't know? That’s ok. That’s a normal place to be. It doesn’t have to be scary, frustrating, or daunting. There are steps and skills we can use together to create a path for you and your family, and we'll have FUN figuring it out. 


Researching your path saves time and money in the long run. I started college studying Deaf Education. I love to teach, and this position paid twice what the average teacher was making. After one year in school and becoming involved in the deaf community, I discovered the rest of the story. Although these positions did in fact pay more, they were next to impossible to find because of the incredibly low turnover rate. The classes I had just completed were for a job that was rarely available. I had been excited to make a difference in the community doing something I love, but came out discouraged and wishing I had done more homework on the subject.

First year of school, done. Credits applicable to another degree, only 12 of 30.


I encourage you to take on various work days and really look deeply into what “a day in the life” of that particular job or field of study looks and feels like. Taking this discovery time provides a better understanding of what you are considering, and saves your family and yourself a lot of money in student loans. This self-discovery helps you move confidently forward in your choices.

College students go through a similar process. They choose the subject matter of courses that they find interesting or that will put them on their path to a specific degree, in hopes of landing their intended dream job, so they can support themselves and enjoy their career life. This approach is dated. It's a broken record, it sounds great in theory, yet research shows us that the majority of college students change their major at least three times. Many drop out completely when they see their student loans increasing while the rate of pay for their chosen career is not proving to be enough to pay their bills. The frustration of the unknown can grow heavy.


Following my freshman year, I changed my major from Deaf Education to Psychology and took an interest in Counseling because I had been Life Coaching a few years already. Fortunately, this time around, I interviewed Licensed Counselors about what their day consisted of and found that it was not what I had expected. Did I want to pursue a career in a field where I would be limited to helping people on a part-time basis because the rest of my time would be spent on paperwork? No. I’m grateful to those who let me interview them candidly. In my senior year, I changed my Major, once again, to Social Science in order to learn the current state of the diverse populations I wanted to serve, and the processes behind nonprofit organizations. On graduation day I had a BS in Social Science and a BS in Arts and Letters.

It is in your moments of decision

that your destiny is shaped.


-Anthony Robbins

Hypnotherapy for Students

If you struggle with studying or find yourself making excuses such as "I don't feel like it, I can't stay focused, I don’t want to be stuck with a book or laptop in my hand on a beautiful day," it’s time for hypnosis. Together we can change your relationship to studying. This can be done in person or using my guided recordings.


Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved study habits

  • Enjoying studying

  • Feeling good about a quality learning process

  • Expanding your memory and retention skills

  • Exceling in your grades and your goals

All these benefits will flow over into other areas of your life as well.


Are you a good fit for hypnosis?

  • If you are not willing to make changes to create the success you want

  • If you are not willing to listen to my guided recording for twelve days consecutively

  • If you are not willing to use your mind to unleash your hidden study abilities

-then hypnosis is not for you.

Sessions are $45

Pay $25 with your current student I.D.

Your paid $45 session will earn a free session for someone in need.

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