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Moms In Transition

Life is ever-changing for teenagers, creating a continuously evolving process for parents. Resisting change or refusing to look at all the possibilities can leave a family in a state of flux, upset, and even hopeless. So much is going on at this age. Throw hormones into the mix and it can be a recipe for chaos. Harnessing this energy into something good and productive will help teens and their families live in harmony while navigating these transitional years.


Having the tools to approach life changes with openness and acceptance is vital to getting through the day with ease and clarity. A separation or divorce doesn't mean that life is going to be challenging, but you will encounter circumstances that are new and hurdles to overcome that will take patience and skill. Your new love interest doesn’t have to be a detriment or burden if you have the skills to transition the situation smoothly. That detention reprimand doesn’t have to mean your teen is in trouble. Skipping school is always on purpose, so find out what’s going on and how to shift views so that your student is on track for being successful in school. Whatever action life brings, there is a counteraction and it doesn’t have to be a long and painful process.


Teen/Parent Coaching provides you space, a mediator, and an outside influence, that frankly, most teens need. Teens will often talk with other adults when they won’t talk with their parents and don’t want to talk with their peers. Having someone they can trust and with whom they feel safe is important. It also takes the strain of working parents and overloaded school counselors who don’t have the time or space to treat each student adequately and fully as an individual.


This process requires an initial meeting of all parties. An individual session with the teen is then followed by a session with the parent(s). From there, we will flow as needed between group and individual sessions.

Moms $75

Mom & teen sessions are $95

Your paid $95 session will earn a free session for someone in need.

Email for your 30-minute FREE Consultation.

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