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Women Changing Careers

Are you are in a career that provides little to no satisfaction?

Is your position being phased out, forcing you to find something new?

Do you dream of going back to school for something different?


There are options you may not even be seeing. As an adult, changing jobs may seem like going back to the proverbial drawing board. It is a task that many fear and others dream about. It takes courage and dedication to stay in a job you don’t really like. What’s stopping you from taking that same courage and dedication and finding a career that you really love? You.


Together we will build your confidence in taking new and different steps to a fulfilling career; a position you can be proud of, and a workday you can happily and fully engage in day after day. Life is already challenging enough. You don’t have to add to the frustration by doing something you dislike for a paycheck. Do you want to live your life just clocking in and clocking out? Or do you want to clock in, make a difference, feel fulfilled, and get paid to do what you enjoy? 


Hypnotherapy for Adults Changing Careers

Are you a professional who feels stuck or unfulfilled by your career?

Are you watching promotions go to co-workers instead of you?

Do you feel that your ideas go into the wastebasket before you’ve even finished your sentences?

Are you underpaid regardless of your experience?

Are you nervous because your co-workers are being replaced with new hires that work for lower salaries, and maybe you are next?

Are you ready to transition into a career with more income and growth potential?


Often, we are fully unaware of the choices we’ve made that hold us back from realizing our complete potential. The good news is that we are always free to make new choices. Small changes in behavior often make substantial changes in our perception of ourselves as well as how others view us.

Benefits of Hypnosis for career changes or promotions include but are not limited to:

  • Recognizing and altering behaviors that are holding you back

  • Making a big impact on perception with small changes

  • Expanding your level of influence

  • Creating or enhancing a personal brand that accelerates your career development

  • Fostering confidence in your choices

  • Increasing your self-worth and promotability

Sessions are $75

Your paid $75 session will earn a free session for someone in need.

Email for your Free 30-minute Consultation.

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